This Guide will show you what to do Step by Step to start issuing cards to your customers using this Card Issuing API.

You must have a Business Account to start issuing cards with Fyatu for your customers. Please get in touch with us if you have custom requirements for your Business Account.

Let's go!

1. Get Your API KEY

Sign in into your account, then go to to see your API Key. Copy it and paste it in your .env file for security. You can generate a new one anytime.


Restricted Zone

Only users with a Business Account can access the link above. If you don't have a business account yet, please contact our Support.

Fyatu Developer Page

Fyatu Developer Page

2. Create a CardHolder

You must create a CardHolder whom the card will be issued to. You can do it directly from the Merchant Dashboard or using the Fyatu API. See Create CardHolder Endpoint here.


Best Practice to Auto Create CardHolders via API

In your System, you can create a Script to send a request to create a CardHolder in the Fyatu System when a user completes his profile and has passed the KYC process.

Then save the CardHolder reference in your database for any further usage.

3. Choose the Card Product

Fyatu offers many card products with different pricing, you can do the same by offering your customers a list of cards to create.

Once you have choosed a Card Product in the list, make sure to copy the code as you'll need it to create a new card. You can choose a Card Product from the Business Dashboard in the Tarification menu or using our API. See Get Card Product List Endpoint here.

4. Create a Card

Now that you have create a CardHolder and Choose a Card Product, You can now submit a request to Create a new Card and link it with a desired Card Product and assign it to the CardHolder.

You can do that directly from the Business Dashboard, In the CardHolder's page or via our API. See Create new Card Endpoint here.

5. Setup Webhooks for Notifications

If you want to receive notifications from Fyatu to your Server you can setup a Webhook. Fyatu will send events whenever a 3D Secure code is required, a failed or successful transaction occured in the card, etc...

Since this is an optional feature, you can still receive notifications from your email address if there is no any webhook available for your business.