Create An Account

To get started with the Fyatu API, you will need to create a Business account.

1. Create a Fyatu Account

Go to and provide your details to create a free account. You'll have access to our live environment instantly.


Sandbox & Testing

If you are a Developer or a Business, you can create a Sandbox account only from our API Reference and upgrade it as a Business account for Testing purpose as our API is only available for Businesses and not for Individuals.

Fyatu Registration PageFyatu Registration Page

Fyatu Registration Page

2. Complete your Profile and Submit KYC Documents

You need to be fully verified in Fyatu System before you start using your account.

  1. Complete your Profile with required informations into Settings Section,
  2. Submit your official identity document with your selfie,
  3. Wait for verification process (it takes few hours).

3. Add Money to your balance

Once your account is fully verified, you can now add money to your balance by clicking the Deposit button and select a payment method available in your country.

4. Upgrade your account to a Business account

When you'll be ready to start integrating Fyatu with your business, please click the Upgrade Menu from your account and submit required documents.


Unregistred Business

If your business is not registered, please contact our sales team on [email protected] with averything we need to know about your new business.

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